Elecktro Subotica
Remedy for your machine


Elektroremont is electro-technical service company for service, maintenance, repair and production of electric machines.   With our equipment and well trained personnel Elektroremont is able to give a wide range of services in the field of repair of electric machines and devices, no matter of size, sort, power, type or insulation class.  

Elektroremont is able to provide the following services:

Repair and service of synchronous and asynchronous machines

Asynchronic and synchronic electric machines of low and high voltage of all powers and performances we repair quickly and with high quality.
  • According to owner’s wish we do rewinding in higher insulation classes (tropicalization)
  • According to owner’s demand we do reconstruction of el. machines, that is change of its characteristics (speed, voltage, shape etc.) if the construction characteristics of el. motors allow this.
  • Rewinding is also done in the field, as well as periodic services

For all these machines we produce spare coils and other spare parts. For standard low voltage el. motors of IEC order from axis height 63 to 400 lease require our repair price list.

Repair and service of direct current electric machines

For reliable drive of your working machines contact us with confidence. We service, rewind your direct current electric machines and regenerate insulation coil systems

We produce all kinds of collectors for them no matter of performance and dimensions. Connecting collectors with rotor coil’s excerpts we do by soldering and welding on a special auto welding and cleaning (milling) of interinsulation on collection. All rotors are being balanced on modern “balance” machines after servicing and rewinding.

Repair and service of traction machines

Electric machines (motors and generators) from your locomotives, heavy trucks (dampers), trams, trolleybuses, dredging machines and forklifts we service and rewind quickly and with high-quality by applying the most modern materials of the most famous world producers and technologies, used by producers of electric machines

Service and maintenance of electric traction we do for big state companies like Serbian Railways Belgrade, city traffic organisation, mining smeltering company Bor, electro economic system of Serbia.

Repair and service of commutators – three phase collector machines

For repair of special multiphase commutator machines, transformers of frequency, stabilizers of voltage and frequency, rotating transformers please use long-standing experience of our company in the field of servicing and rewinding of these machines.

Repair and service of transformers

We provide service and rewinding of:
  • Energetic transformers up to 100 kVA and 20 kV
  • autotransformers
  • regulation transformers
  • correctors for filling and forming of acumulators
  • correctors for galvanization
  • mufflers
  • electromagnets
  • water cooled inductive coils for metal smelting
  • water cooled welding transformers
  • welding machines of all sizes and performances

Repair and service pumps and pump sets

Thanks to years of experience in servicing of water pumps and electric motors are trained to high quality servicing:
  • Deep-well submersible and electric pumps (Pleuger, KSB, Sever, Grundfos, Lowara, Wilo EMU...)
  • Fecal and sludge-pumps (Jastrebac, Elektrokovina)
  • Horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps
  • Pumps for boosting water pressure (fire and sanitation)

At the same time we offer and work on perfomance hidromechanics and electromechanics works in the field according to the project documentation that is user demand.

Repair and service of electric devices

We repair quickly and with high quality all kinds of electric devices such as electric starting devices, dynamos, alternators, regulators of all producers. Many traffic companies, navy, transport and air force have placed trust in us so far

In our sections we manufacture various spare parts such as coils, collectors, axles and we also replace specific parts with original ones.

Production of spare parts

When mounting your electric devices we use top-quality bearings of famous world producers (SKF,FAG, . . . ), we build in brushes, manufactured of materials of famous world producers (Morgan, Schunk . . .) For quick intervention with vital electric machines please order on time spare parts produced by ELEKTROREMONT such as :

  • sets of coils
  • collectors
  • slipping rings
  • brush holders
  • axles
  • other specific elements

We manufacture spare parts according to technical documentation and samples or by recording on the spot.

Field work

Our experienced teams for field works are available at any moment for jobs such:
  • disassembling and mounting of electric machines
  • service of electric motors
  • coil repair
  • complete rewinding
  • centering with working machine
  • putting into operation with adjusting and testing

For more information contact our commercial department