Elecktro Subotica
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The History of “Elektroremont”

ELEKTROREMONT was established in 1953. when a part dealing with maintenance of el. motors, of the great producer of el. motors, “Sever” was separated from it. It continued its own independent work and development. The small handicraft company with about 30 emplyees in 1953. now has grown into one of the biggest repair companies for el. machines and devices in Yugoslavia. It started with repair of low voltage motors and transformers. In the late fifties the program for repair of rl. devices for productions and consumption of el. energy in cars was introduced. In the early sixties the company introduces the program of ptoduction of collectors. During the first half of the sixties “high voltage” is mastered, that is repair of high voltage transformers and motors in “B” insulation class.

Since 1967. ELEKTROREMONT has been applying materials in “F” insulation class for repair of el. machines. During the seventies materials in “H” insulation class were introduced when ELEKTROREMONT started to master the program for repair of el. machines for railway and mining. During the eighties “Elektroremont” became the biggest repair company of el. traction motor in the former Yugoslavia and authorized service and repair company of the well know American company of traction motors for locomotives, mining dredging machines and heavy trucks – dampers. At that time ELEKTROREMONT started to sell its services on the foreign market laso. At the end of the eighties starts mastering of repair of turbo generators for the thermo power stations.

In the process of privatisation, during 2005, Elektroremont has been bought by an Italian company which has similar basic activities, service, maintenance and repairing of electric machines.

There are 200 employees in ELEKTROREMONT now; there are about 2500 square meters covered by cranes, modern equipment for machine treatment, coil production. vacuum impregnation ( VPI procedure ), balancing and equipment for measuring that is needed in the process of repair and maintenance of electric machines and devices.

With this number of employees and the equipment, ELEKTROREMONT is able to give a wide range of services in the field of repair of electric machines and devices, no matter of size, sort, power, type or insulation class.